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For people who have a passion for travel and adventure, caravans and RVs provide the utmost independence. With the comforts of home, visitors may explore far-flung locations with these mobile houses on wheels. When you are on the go, convenience is what you look for the most. To make your journey convenient you need several accessories.

Outback Equipment focuses on offering top-notch outdoor equipment and gear to adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. With a love of discovery and dedication, Outback Equipment gives people the courage and comfort to take on life-changing outdoor adventures. They have the best caravan and RV accessories. Here are the top picks

Thule Smart RV Go Box, Medium

This is the perfect solution for organising your gear while on the road. Designed for convenience and versatility, this innovative lightweight storage box is simple to carry transport from your RV to your campsite or any other destination. The box folds up quickly and easily when not in use, saving valuable space in your RV or storage area. Made from high-quality materials, it is built to last. Its rugged construction can withstand the rigours of outdoor travel, providing you with reliable storage wherever your adventures take you. Stay organised, stay prepared, and make the most of every journey with the Thule Smart RV Go Box.


  • This storage box can store various items, with its spacious dimensions of 61cm x 36cm x 30cm

  • The box itself is very light-weighted

  • It has 2 main compartments and a side pocket for delicate small items




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Get Thule Thule Smart RV Go Box in medium to add more space to your vehicle for just $144.99


Stabilisers Stands - Aluminium Aussie Traveller

Aluminum Aussie Traveller Stabiliser Stands are made to easily support the weight of any camper trailer, RV, or caravan. These sturdy platforms, which are built to last and rely on, offer crucial stability and levelling when your car is on uneven terrain. You can rely on the Aluminium Aussie Traveller Stabiliser Stands to improve safety and peace of mind throughout your outdoor activities, regardless of whether you're parked on a slope or in difficult terrain. With these sturdy stabiliser stands, you can simplify your setup and have worry-free camping.


  • Comes with 4 heavy duty stands

  • The height range is from 280mm to 430mm

  • This Stabiliser can lift up to 1000 kg weight 



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You have to keep these Stabilisers Stands - Aluminium Aussie Traveller with you when going for a trip they come for $55.99 only

Ladder Fiamma Deluxe 5 Rung

This ladder is a versatile and practical accessory designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. With its foldable design, this ladder offers convenience while travelling, allowing for easy storage and space optimisation in your caravan or RV. The ladder has the ability of folding up, ensuring minimal hassle and maximum efficiency.  These steps provide reliable traction, even in slippery conditions, ensuring secure footing as you ascend or descend. This feature adds an extra layer of confidence, especially when accessing elevated areas or performing tasks that require stability.


  • Can be folded while travelling

  • The dimensions of the ladder is 300mm(w) x 1785mm(l)

  • From the inside, it is  24cm which is a good width to use it comfortably



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Ladder Fiamma Deluxe is a must-have accessory to reach the roof of the van, it is available for $288.99


Coast Luggage Basket White

The Coast Luggage Basket in White is a practical addition to your Jayco or Coast roof racks, expanding your cargo options for your next RV journey. Constructed from lightweight yet robust tubular aluminium, this roof rack basket offers durability without unnecessary bulk. It arrives pre-assembled with all the required fittings, ensuring a straightforward installation process. effortlessly attaches to your 4WD's load bar or roof rack, regardless of its branding. The Coast luggage is a good carrier to carry extra stuff on the roof of the car saving space inside.


  • The dimensions of the basket are 1500mm (l) x 1000mm(w) x 200mm(h)

  • It weighs 12 kg and can carry 100 kg luggage

  • Available in an elegant white colour


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Coast Luggage Basket in white is a helpful addition to your vehicle. Add this luggage basket for $259.99 to get your journey started

Fantastic Endless Breeze Fan 12V Only

Hot weather can quickly turn a pleasant caravan or RV experience into an uncomfortable ordeal, making it difficult to relax and enjoy your travels. The solution to this sweltering problem is the Fantastic Endless Breeze Fan, a 12V fan designed specifically for caravans and RVs. This powerful and efficient fan provides a refreshing breeze that can significantly enhance your comfort during those scorching days. Its high airflow capacity ensures that even the hottest days are manageable, circulating cool air throughout your caravan or RV. Lightweight and easy to install, this fan is the ideal companion for any journey.


  • Operates with just 12V 

  • The dimensions of this fan are  362H x 343W x 92D

  • The fan comes with a plug & cord



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Stay cool and comfortable on your adventures with the reliable and effective Fantastic Endless Breeze Fan which costs $172.99.


A variety of outdoor activity equipment is available at Outback Equipment. These items of gear meet every need associated with travelling and camping. It can be difficult to look for necessary supplies while travelling in an RV or caravan, therefore it is best to have them with you. The store's assortment of caravan accessories offers a wide variety of equipment, allowing you to get exactly what you need. 


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