The Ultimate Guide for safe and smart online shopping

Online buying is an easy and fun manner to purchase and access a large range of items and services. It is also a suitable method to compare values from different websites to get the finest deals without having to work. So, it is not surprising that online buying has get fame in recent years due to its convenience, cost and variety. Online shopping websites often also give the top deals since they may not have the phenomenal overhead that a physical shopping store could have in a store or mall.

However, with online buying so popular and widespread these days, people frequently let their guard down and ignore secure online purchasing practices. This is especially true in peak shopping periods such as Christmas and other holidays, which are opportune times for cybercriminals to attack. So how can online shoppers buy safely to avoid an online buying incident?

Here are some tips for making secure purchases online.

Buy At Online Shopping Sites That Offer Secure Transactions

One method is to seek out online shopping websites or stores with a graphic of a padlock at the bottom of the screen, which denotes a safe gateway.

Be Careful Of Phishing Frauds

Keep away from sending private information such as your bank details or credit card number by email. Also take care your security software and firewalls are updated on a regular basis

Change Your PIN Or Password Regularly For High-Risk Activities On The Internet

Changing your password regularly provides protection in case someone discovers your password. This is especially important if you are using shared computers. Avoid allowing others to access your account, especially if you have email messages that contain passwords you just reset.

Verify That Your Credit Card Offers Adequate Protection

Credit cards usually offer shopper protection against scam, broken goods, lost shipments, and other problems. However, if you are not sure if your credit card offers all these protections, contact your credit card provider to verify.

Make Sure You Know What You Are Buying

Ask questions when in doubt. Good online stores generally provide a reasonable description of the item. However, if you have questions about any aspect of the item, contact the merchant to request it before purchase. The correct operators will get in touch with you in a timely manner. If they do not answer, it is suitable not to make a buy, as this show a lack of service and response in case of a problem. It is also generally less complicated not to buy something you have doubts in the first place than to try to return an item.

Discover All Shipping Information, Delivery Times, And Costs Before Committing To Purchase

Always calculate the total cost of the item, INCLUDING shipping costs before committing to buy. Many accredited sites will have shipping charges in a section of your website. However, some online merchants may advertise an item at a very low price, but recover their costs through shipping costs.

Delivery times may vary from store to store. Shipping times depend on internal processing and storage in the warehouse. Check how long it will take to deliver the products from the moment you place the order. This will help you avoid disappointment and reduce panic if the products do not arrive as expected

Delivery times may also be affected by the shipping method used by the store or the method by which you pay (if the store offers different methods, see below). Discover the cost and delivery times for each delivery method offered. If this information is not on the site, contact the merchant to request it. In general, the cheaper a shipping method is, the safer and longer it is. Also, clearly understand who is responsible for insuring goods in transit. This will prevent a misunderstanding if the goods are lost or damaged during transport.

Register All Contacts With The Merchant

This means registering all correspondence with the merchant and recording phone calls, including the date, time and with whom you spoke. Record all important exchanges between you and the merchant.

Check The Shipping Address You Provide Is Valid

It is useful to read the details of your order before confirming it. Make sure the delivery address you provide is correct, including spelling and zip code. Deliveries can and have been delayed or lost due to inaccurate delivery address details.

Verify Your Credit Card Transactions

If you paid for your purchase online with your credit card, check your credit card transactions to ensure that the products have been billed at the correct price.


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