10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Have In Her Closet


As the seasons change again, we believe it is important that we help you decide what to buy in the next sales if you do not already have them. These are things that should be in your closet, they don`t have to be expensive, but they are necessary if you think you`re a fashionista. You will find under the top 10 of the closet, an essential element that a woman should secure in her closet.

1. Denim Jeans

Jeans are a staple of any wardrobe, especially dark ones. They work with any color or shirts, shirts, blouses and also with any type of footwear. The best option is to go for a slim cut, but you can also choose boyfriend jeans or a straight cut. Add a belt and you will be ready to start.

2. Perfect White T-Shirt

It is essential for all fashion experts in the world. A plain white t-shirt is the material you love is an option with which you cannot go wrong. You can go for a V-neck or a round neck and combine it with jeans, shorts, a skirt as you wish. They are comfortable and look perfect for summer, you can add a jacket if it is a bit cold.

3. Flats

Well, you have to walk to the right and for what is better than the Flats. Now there is a wide range of Flats, it is good to have a pair of ballet shoes, a pair of flat sandals with studs, a pair of flat boots the length you like and a pair of sports beach slippers so that you are ready for any look.

4. Classic Straight Or Pencil Skirt

A skirt can be a very flattering piece, as long as you choose the styles that suit you. Pencil skirts that narrow from the hip are not good for me, but they look great on others! For me, a skirt that falls directly from the hip is more forgiving and fits me perfectly! Some people are lucky to be able to use both styles.

5. Black Dress

It doesn`t always have to be a black dress. It can also be a dress of medium or knee length; It just has to be black. It can be simple with a cut design or ornaments; It depends on you and your fashion style. Add a metal belt to the dress of different sizes and raise the dress a notch.

6. Leather Bag

Leather is sophisticated and elegant, so it has a perfectly made leather bag. It can be a messenger bag, a pocket, a handbag, basically everything you need or something, it just has to be leather. The basic colors of brown are the best option and can also have prints.

7. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is not just for cyclists and difficult gangs. It is the perfect companion for your summer look, be it jeans or a dress with boots and socks. A leather jacket can be simple or have ornaments. Choose the classic shades of black and brown, as they are universal and are perfect for everyone and everything, except cocktail dresses.

8. Striped Shirt

A striped shirt is the perfect formal look that can be taken as casual. It looks good with pants and skirts, but it can also be combined with jeans and gives it a formal but casual look. The color scheme and the type of stripes depend entirely on you, so this is what you want to associate with

9. Custom Blazer

If you want to get the perfect formal and professional look, a tight jacket is a must. Go for solid colors such as black, navy, gray, and white before choosing more daring colors. It can be used for work or business dinners and can be combined with pants, skirts and dresses. You can add a leather bag to complete the look.

10. Heels

As a woman, heels are a staple of the closet. They are elegant and cool at the same time. There is a wide range of heels to choose from and, if possible, have one of each type. If you don`t have the classics like pumps, stilettos and wedges to start. Heels literally combine with everything you wear, from jeans to shorts, skirts and dresses. The colors and patterns available are amazing, so have them.


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