7 Things Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe


If you are a modern man, you must have several essential items in your wardrobe. Some elegant accessories and dresses should always be there in your closet. If you manage to create a beautiful wardrobe, you can surely leave a lasting impression on your family and friends. In addition to talking about some essential item of the wardrobe, this article will also give you some tips and guidelines on the process of maintaining your outfit.


T-shirts are basic garments for men in addition to the underwear that every man should have. Always buy t-shirts that combine and complement your physique. When choosing, diversify the neckline of the shirts. Buy t-shirts with round neck and v-neck. Have as many colors and patterns of men`s shirts as possible; be sure to include white and dark colors (navy and black) in the shirts you buy. Let the other colors and patterns of the shirts you choose match the color of your skin and the structure or shape of your face.


When buying jeans, always choose a style that matches the shape of your legs, prefer thinner styles to baggy colors and darker to lighter colors because jeans often fade over time when you wash them.

Casual Shirts

Have as many casual shirts as you can afford. Go for shirts with casual buttons that you can wear with or without a tie, which you can also wear on any shorts, jeans or pants. If possible, buy solid and printed casual shirts. Diversify the colors of the casual shirts you have, always make sure you have casual shirts in lighter colors, such as white and soft blue. When choosing casual patterned shirts, buy patterns that complement your physical and facial shape. For the style of your casual shirts, go for thinner cuts that aren`t too tight.


Each man needs two combinations if it is not for work, for formal events such as weddings, dinners or any other formal event, depending on the situation. Always choose costumes that match your physique, aim for finer costumes. Use the size of your chest to choose the size of your costumes

Formal And Casual Footwear

You need to have a few pairs of good shoes, always choose good quality leather shoes and preferably choose comfortable shoes. Have at least one pair of black and brown shoes each. These two colors will match any color of suits, jeans and pants. Have some casual shoes like sneakers, sandals, boots, ankle boots according to your style and tastes.


The colors of the belts you use should always match the colors of your shoes. You must have at least one black and one brown belt, always prefer leather belts.


When choosing ties, choose wool or silk ties, prefer traditional wide ties to skinny or thin ties. Choose dark colored links instead of lighter colored links. You can always wear darker colored ties with any color of dress shirts and suits. If you choose patterned ties, lean towards darker patterns


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